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The Shinobi Profile
General Information

Name: Lucus Griffonbane
Clan: None
Alias/Bingo book name: The Typhoon
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Lucus is an oddity among the usually serious Sand Shinobi as he is a very calm, kind, and easy going person, like a gentle breeze on a sunny day. He is rarely seen without a smile and is often quick to make a joke, even with complete strangers. He will always try to make someone's day better, even if only a little, especially if it seems like they are down in the dumps.

As a teacher, Lucus is exceptionally caring and empathic to his students. He is more then willing to spend one-on-one time with his students, getting to know them, their goals, their fears, and as much as he can in order to try and get to know them and how to best plan their training to refine their strong points and smooth out their weaknesses so that they are no longer as much of a factor in their abilities.

However, Lucus can be serious and when he is, he does it usually on behalf of someone else. When serious, his usually jovial self is dropped entirely, replaced by a cold, emotionless calm like a calm before a storm. If it's just a minor altercation, Lucus will simply speak with the offender in a cold, emotionless voice. However, if it's a fight, especially one that concerns his students or those he cares about, Lucus will become a literal storm, unleashing whatever Jutsus he can and believes he needs to incapacitate or kill his opponent, whichever is the better and safer option. He will show no concern for his enemy's pain or reasons for hurting those he cares about. All that matters if their removal.

Loyalty: Sunagakure
Rank: Jonin
Occupation: General Forces
Village: Sunagakure

Physical Profile

Lucus Griffonbane 57ae12995c5514fa3af366828cfdc9a2--anime-guys-manga-anime
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 175lbs
Physical Traits:
Lucus is a man of average height and a lanky build, appearing to be weaker then he really is. His skin is surprising light for someone who has spent their entire life in a desert, but it is not pale. His hair is silver in color and usually a bit disheveled and messy while his eyes are a nice, dark, stormy gray. His facial features could be described as attractive, a fact that is helped by the fact that he is usually seen with a smile on his face.

When it comes to attire, in his down time, Lucus likes to wear rather loose and baggy clothing that helps him stay cool in the desert heat. The general clothing of this clothing is bright but not flashy, usually whites, grays, reds, and blues. While on a mission, he wears the standard Sunagakure uniform with no additional features other then an additional bag for kunai located on his upper right arm.

Combat Profile

General Fighting Style:
Lucus has a rather adaptable fighting style, which changes based on the distance between him and his opponent. While at a distance, Lucus will pelt his opponent with fast but weak Wind Jutsus to get a gauge on their reaction speeds and how they will move. He will also gauge their durability if a decent number of his shots actually hit them. If fighting a tough opponent, he will switch to more powerful jutsus and if fighting a group, he will use ones that can effect a large area.

At close range, Lucus' bread and butter is the Blade of Wind technique, which he uses to attack his opponent with an attack they cannot physically block. The downside is that he cannot guard with the blade either, having to rely on fast reflexes to dodge any physical blows or jutsu his opponents might send at him while also being aware enough to avoid falling into a Genjutsu that would prove enough to let his opponent land a fatal blow.

Outside of that, Lucus displays the average level of abilities one would expect from his rank.

Strengths: Lucus is a very fast and agile fighter, making his a slippery opponent and hard to pin down.

Weaknesses: Lucus is lacking a bit in the durability department. He doesn't possess a glass jaw but he cannot take as much punishment as most of his fellow Jonin.

Elemental Affinity: Wind (primary), Lightning (secondary)

Weapons/Ninja Tools: Lucus always packs some kunai and shuriken, which he will occasional channel his chakra through to make them deadlier. Lucus also carries explosive tags and incendiary tags, using the latter to help enhance his wind attacks by letting them ablaze.

Past Profile

Lucus is a natural born native of Sunagakure though his family were merchants who ran a store in the center of town rather then ninja. Lucus was initially set to take over the family business but against his parents wishes, he instead set down the path of becoming a ninja. This would cause some tension between him and his parents, to the point that they would eventually disown him, something that Lucus admittedly did not mind. Free of his parents, Lucus would train in the Sunagakure academy and hone his skills, eventually graduating and obtaining the rank of Genin.

As a Genin, his teacher was a traditionalist Jonin, who believed his students disposable for the sake of the mission. Lucus often butted heads with him, but rarely lost his temper unless pushed hard or one his fellow teammates was actually endangered. While they managed to push past the differences for a while, their relationship never the less deteriorated to the point that Lucus' teacher tried to make it impossible for Lucus to continue down his chosen path. Lucus persevered though and, with the aid of his teammates, eventually made it to the rank of chunin.

As a Chunin, Lucus continued to work with his teammates to take on missions, and they became well known for their ability to accomplish a mission with minimal injury. Lucus was the face of the team, his positive and easy going attitude making him very popular and well liked among some of the other villagers. Between missions, Lucus would work hard on improving himself to one day earn the rank of Jonin, so that he might be able to pass on his beleifs to the next generation of Shinobi and avoid the creation of others like his teacher who valued to completion of the mission over valuable lives and manpower.

Eventually, Lucus would earn his promotion to Jonin and is now looking forward to his first batch of students, wondering what kind of challenges will be awaiting his with three young ones under his wings.

Side Note:
Roleplay Sample:

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