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 Aku Konijiki (done)

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The Shinobi Profile
General Information

Name: Aku Konjiki
Clan: Konjiki
Alias/Bingo book name: Shield of the sand
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Personality: Aku is a particularly derpy individual a playful and rather childish and innocent character. Aku tends to be trusting of strangers and even animals even if they seem to be hostile normally, Aku fighting steal tends to make her oblivious to all kinds of hazards, and leads her to be extramly accident prone. Always getting into clumsy accidents where she usually ends up breaking more then she actually gets hurt and apologizing even if it wasn't her fault to start. Aku also has a habit of getting lost and having a horrible sense of direction even in her own village she still get lost and as a result usual arrives late. Aku has a kind heart and is hardworking they will help almost anyone who asks and will work dutifully until whatever task shes set on is complete. She puts that same determination into her training and id always willing to train with her friends.As friendly as Aku is she isn't a fan of being the center of attention or being in large crowds. In a battle Ahu is very serious about protecting her allies and will attempt to shield them even if it means harming herself.

Aku loves sweats mainly cheesecake but is overjoyed to have any sweat treat, and has a rather excessive appetite and doesn't seem to ever gain weight She enjoys playing games with her friends and reading books.

Loyalty: Sunagakure
Rank: Genin
Village: Sunagakure

Physical Profile

Appearance: Aku has fair skin and short black hair that extends beneath her chin and is usually unkempt and messy. Aku's eyes are two different colors the right eye being a beautiful shade of green. her left eye a bright crystal blue. Aku is commonly seen wearing a light brown hoodie and matching shorts when not on missions. While on missions she wears a black suit of heavy plate armor with golf accents. The crest of her village engraved in the left shoulder of the armor and her clan crest engraved into the right chest plate. She also carries tower shield that is as big as she is with the same color scheme as her armor.
Height:4' 9"
Weight: 100 lbs
Physical Traits: [Optional. Add additional small details here.]

Combat Profile

General Fighting Style:Aku is a tank, her goal is be the one taking in damage and to protect all her allies. Well Aku is mostly defensive in her style combining her armor shield and high endurance Aju can easily charge into enemys and hold them down long enough fpr her allied to strike them down. In one V ones Aku really doesnt have the attack power to beat enemys so Aku makes any solo fight all about outlasting her opponents letting them wear themselfs out then finish them off when thay cant fight any longer.

Elemental Affinity: Steel Release
Weapons/Ninja Tools: Aku wilds a great shield that stands as tall as she is.

Past Profile

History: Aku has and still lives a fairly normally life tianing to be a shinobi of the sand and Doing her best to master her own clans justus and even make her own.
Side Notes:
Roleplay Sample: [This helps us get a taste for your style and your character.]

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Aku Konijiki (done)
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