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The Shinobi Profile
General Information

Name: Shimamoto, Ayaka
Clan: N/A
Alias/Bingo book name: N/A
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Personality: Ayake is a bright young girl, with a knack for tinkering and an eye for design when it comes to engineering. She tends to have a cheerful disposition despite the hand she has been dealt so far. Generally calm and collected she tries her best to fit in with her new home, enjoying taking in their customs and learning everything there is to know.

She can get a little hot-headed at times and is particularly sensitive when it comes to being made fun of for the state of her body. In fact she tends to hide her proesthetics with long sleeves and flowing clothing so it is less noticable. With the start of her life living in a tight-knit community that acted as a big extended family made Ayaka somewhat sheltered.

The girl is fairly tactically minded, preferring use of deception and underhanded tactics when it comes to combat over sheer brute strength whenever possible.

Loyalty: Suna
Rank: Genin
Occupation: Genin
Village: Suna

Physical Profile


Height: 5'5''
Weight: 80lbs (A bit lighter without her prosthetics)

Combat Profile

General Fighting Style: Despite focusing upon puppetry, Ayaka is a physical fighter that utilizes a number of gadgets built in to her custom created limbs. From hidden blades, senbon launchers and chakra-propelled joints she has plenty of tricks that can keep opponents on their toes. Other than her prosthetics, she has also branched from traditional puppetry into utilizing smaller devices that are relatively simple to control to provide distractions. She has dubbed this 'swarm puppetry'.
Elemental Affinity: Wind
Weapons/Ninja Tools: Prosthetic Limbs
Swarm Puppets (Various)
Other general ninja gear.

Past Profile

History: Ayaka was born to a band of renowned tinkers, living out at the edges of the land of wind away from the central village. It was a loose group of drifters that acted as scavengers. Picking valuables from abandoned towns, campsites. This group was peaceful, often avoiding outsiders beyond trading with them for trinkets and interesting little gadgets to well crafted weaponry from the artisans within.

That was until a band of shinobi from a neighboring land mistook them for enemy combatants. In the fray, most of the group were scattered and Ayaka herself was left gravely wounded by a stray explosive tag during the assault. Left alone, she was found days later huddled under whatever cover she could find by a senior shinobi of Sunagakure.

Despite her wounds, the girl seemed resilient. Her knack for tinkering allowed her to craft replacement limbs to ensure she could be useful to the village that had saved her. After relearning how to properly function with her new parts, the girl went on to join the academy and pass the exams shortly after.
Side Note:
Roleplay Sample:

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Shimamoto, Ayaka
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