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The Shinobi Profile
General Information

Name: Gordeau Taegatai
Clan: Konjiki (Illegitimate Child)
Alias: N/A

Age: 19
Gender: Male

Personality: Gordaeu has an arrogant 'cunty' nature about himself, always smiling or conspiring and doing things that make it sometimes really hard to like him genuinely. Gordeau is pretty obnoxious sometimes when it comes to his arrogance yet is never affected when he loses a battle or argument. After all Gordeau uses a fake front of arrogance to misdirect peoples view of him. This means that it's not really possible to 'put him in his place' since he has no pride to damage when it comes to his fake act. Gordeau is really just lonely man that needs the company of others. He might be Arrogant, but there is never usually an instance when he doesn't compliment someone for doing a goodjob.  

Gordeau at first can come off as really untrustworthy, as he keeps little secrets to himself and instead prefers to tamper with the affairs of others. Gordeau takes enjoyment from seeing and hearing peoples reactions change drastically during times of rage, sorrow, or incredible pain. As such this shows a very prominent side of Gordeau that is incredibly negative, his Sadistic nature that shows its ugly head out ever so rarely. Gordeau seems to get enjoyment from the suffering of others as well as himself. Gordeau isn't all that bad however. for as bad of a person as he seems, contrary to evidence, he is actually incredibly trustworthy. In reality there is little that you could say to Gordeau that would ever actually leave his lips. If you told him something that you absolutely didn't want getting out, then he'd follow those wishes. Especially for those somewhat closer to him.

Gordeau shows at the best of times, a very laid back and lazy disposition that can get incredibly bad at times dependant of his mood. He is always caught at his worst when it seems like he is never doing what is asked of him, if you knew him yourself however you'd disagree within an instant. Gordeau is perhaps one of the most dependable people you could ask to do something contrary to how he acts. Jobs are always done before the allotted time and he can be a lot more helpful in situations where is seems like he's making things worse.

This perhaps now leaves his masochistic nature to be his last negative feat. Gordeau is incredibly disturbed mentally to the point where hard torture is essentially like eating candy. Gordeau is impossible to crack, and it would be a waste of time even attempting to do so. There isn't even a scale that exists that could measure the pure in-human conditions that Gordeau can endure. This doesn't make him indestructible, just more or less unfazed. Physical injuries are still physical, and cannot be overridden in order to achieve efficient combat no matter what the injury.

Now comes to perhap the lighter side of Gordeau. Gordeau would be best described as a cruel motherfucker, but this isn't entirely true. Although he has the potential to never be kind, he can show his kindness in incredibly unseen massive ways. It could seem as if stealing a teddy bear off of a child and grinning as they cry would be his intention. People however never seem to see what's really going on. In reality that bear could be torn, and offering up his own clothing as stitching he could fix the item without anyone ever having known. Another example of his cases of kindness could expand to comrades. He could perhaps comment on an incredibly touchy subject, such as someone who had just recently past away. Laughing or pointing out how stupid they were to die. Yet after the incredibly uncomfortable interaction with Gordeau, the person could find a flower or some other item on them in show of his non-present respect in personality.

Gordeau is a confusing character to point out when you don't know him too well. As such, people tend to judge him with little intent on reading the contents of the book. Gordeau is uncomfortable to be around at times, but sometimes that's how you know he cares. Gordeau is incredibly misunderstood at face value, which leaves little in the way of genuine connection if you aren't willing the put in the effort. If you take the time however, you'll see Gordeau so much differently.        

Loyalty: Gordeau's Loyalty lies upon those who can put up with him.
Rank: Chunin
Occupation: Metal Craftsman
Village: Sunagakure

Physical Profile


Gordeau Taegatai  Gordeau-uniel-story-art

Height: 212cm
Weight: 104kg

Physical Traits: Black Tattoo markings etched into his back, which makes them almost impossible to spot. They resemble ancient symbols which mean 'Cruelty'.  

Combat Profile

General Fighting Style: Gordeau utilises strong straight forward attacks. They appear reckless or swung with no real thought in mind. However, his attacks are precise in nature.

Elemental Affinity: Metal Release

Weapons/Ninja Tools: N/A

Past Profile

History: Nothing is really known about Gordeau's childhood. His parents are not stated in records, and he himself claims to not have had parents. In truth Gordeau was a very lonely child. Having shown high potential in the ways of becoming a ninja, Gordeau was conditioned with relentless physical regimes and forced into countless torture resistance exercises. Everything from conventional non-permanent means to the cruellest of Genjutsu. Gordeau's past has left him with twisted and un-repairable mental scarring which shows itself in some of his personality.  

Side Notes: N/A

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Gordeau Taegatai
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