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A Naruto RP for those into casual, but fast-paced Roleplay in an AU setting.


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The Shinobi Profile
General Information

Name:  Annamaria “Anna” Rinha
Alias/Bingo book name:  The Soul Puppeter
Age: 27
Personality:  Anna Rinha is a complicated one to really try to understand or even get to know. There are aspects of the shinobi that reflect a past self that has been suppressed by years of training and following commands along with a self that takes the lead.

When it comes to being a leader, Anna was born and raised to be just that. Being the heir of the Rinha, It was her duty and purpose for breathing, to lead the Rinha to be a superior clan that should be feared and renown in the shinobi world, just as those before her did since the beginning of the clan’s history. She was taught the easy and hard way of being a leader and this reflects on the different situations and standards she holds people to. If you want her respect, you give her respect first and for most. If you want to act like a damn child and demand respect, She will show you why You should show other’s respect with the sharp end of her heeled shoe. Anna can be a mean Kage with the strict ruling and unwavering beliefs; However, She also believes that one must learn to adapt to survive in this ever-evolving world that they live in.

When it comes to non- leader things, Anna is a very gentlewoman in the sense of a mother figure to everyone. She is always available to assist and help out those in her village and can be found teaching and playing with the kids in the streets on her off times, or whenever she feels like not doing kage leader stuff. She tends to give off a welcoming warm aura that tends to draw people towards her. She considers all the sand village and it’s territory to be her family and to her, the family was everything and needed to be protected till the end.
Loyalty:  Suna and the Rinha
Rank: Leader of the Rinha

Physical Profile

Height: 5,1”
Weight:100 lbs

Combat Profile

General Fighting Style: Being a puppeteer and a Support type at heart, Anna is very much the type that prefers to stay in the back and help her teammates with defense and distractions with a bit of healing if needed.  However, She isn’t afraid to pull into the vanguard position and take an opponent head-on, up close and personal. Just the front line isn’t where she prefers to be, but she will if it is necessary.
Elemental Affinity: Earth, Wind
Weapons/Ninja Tools: Anna has ten famous puppets she is known for in the shinobi world. But she is also known for her Poisons and weapons she has hidden in those puppets as you never know what you will be getting depending on the fight.

Past Profile

History: Listy below!
Grew up in Suna
Became head of Rinha and graduated the academy at 12
Became a Chunin at 15
Lost her arm and some of herself to A rouge, but gained a puppet arm in it’s place
Became jounin at 18
Anna is still a happy one armed jounin that is satisfied with being the chosen adopted mother of the jinchruuki Rin even if she is a little less satisfied with her admirere Lucus even thought she shows the thoughts diffferently when alone

Side Note:
Roleplay Sample:[ helps us get a taste for your style and your character]

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