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 Jutsu System

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PostSubject: Jutsu System   Jutsu System Icon_minitimeTue Jun 13, 2017 12:20 am

Depending on tier, you will have a specific number of Jutsu you can use.
5 Tier: None
4-5: 2 Jutsu
4-4: 4 Jutsu
4-3: 6 Jutsu
4-2: 8 Jutsu
4-1: 10 Jutsu
3-5: 12 Jutsu
3-4: 14 Jutsu
3-3: 16 Jutsu
3-2: 18 Jutsu
3-1: 20 Jutsu
2-5: 22 Jutsu
2-4: 24 Jutsu
2-3: 26 Jutsu
2-2: 28 Jutsu
2-1: 30 Jutsu
1-5: 33 Jutsu
1-4: 36 Jutsu
1-3: 39 Jutsu
1-2: 42 Jutsu
1-1: 45 Jutsu
0-5: 50 Jutsu
0-4: 55 Jutsu
0-3: 60 Jutsu
0-2: 65 Jutsu

"But not all Jutsu are created equally"

Of course they're not. Which is why we have that taken care of Smile

S Rank Jutsu - Cannot be used unless you are tier 1-3 or higher. 1-3 can have 1, and every tier thereafter can have 1 more than the tier before. Starting at 0-4 you start gaining 2 S-rank slots per rank, 0-2 Can essentially have 10 S-Rank Jutsu.
A Rank Jutsu - Cannot be used unless you are 2-3 or higher. Every tier after 2-3 can have one more than 2-3's can have, and 2-3's can have 1. You get 1 additional A-rank slot until you reach 1-3 where you will be able to have as many A-rank Jutsu's as you want..
B Rank Jutsu: Can't use till you are tier 3-3. You can only have one B-Rank Jutsu at tier 3-3, and every tier thereafter is a space for one more B-Rank Jutsu, until you reach 2-3 where you can have as many as you want.
C Rank Jutsu: You need to be atleast 4-3 to be able to have one, and you only can have 1 at the time, you get a slot you can use for 1 for each tier up until 3-3, then you can have as many as you want.
D Rank Jutsu: Anyone can use.
E Rank Jutsu: You need to be able to use these before you can even graduate so yeah... also the cannon E-ranks don't count against your limit.
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PostSubject: Re: Jutsu System   Jutsu System Icon_minitimeWed Oct 09, 2019 2:58 am


Every ninja in the ninja world has some kind of natural elemental affinity, be it from one of the following five main elements.

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Lightning
  • Wind

Or one even a unique clan specific element such as the Kura Clan's darkness release.

There are also instances in which a shinobi will through their bloodlines have the ability to fuse multiple elemental affinities into an even stronger one. Such as the Konjiki's steel release, the Senju's wood release, or even the Yuki's ice release.

These shinobi will be able to harness the fused element as their first element, but they will have to earn/purchase the remaining affinities of their fused elements for example you make a Yuki clan genin and only have one element that element can be Ice, but your next two elements have to be Water and Wind (in either order) before you can use another element such as Fire.


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Jutsu System
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