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 Sunagakure no Sato (The Village Hidden in the Sand)

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Sunagakure no Sato

Sunagakure no Sato, also known as 'The Village Hidden in the Sand', or simply 'The Sand Village', lets see what there is to say about it. Well to start it's people are hardy and used to living off of scarcity though that is kind of obvious the entirety of Kaze no Kuni, or 'The Land of Wind' is a giant freaking desert, and by giant I mean it literally covers more landmass than the entirety of the Land of Fire, being almost double it's size though even with the scattered Oasis' within the desert more than 75% of it a near unhospitable desert.

The founding of the Sand Village came about out of necessity more than anything else, the scattered clans and tribes of the country had a particularly harsh portion of years and the fighting between the different group started to become more and more bloody until it was absolutely unsustainable where skirmishes started to cost each side more than what was gained no matter the winner. At that point one of the more well off clans, namely the Rinha who traded their medical and herbal expertise for the resources to sustain the healthiest military might among the majority of the other clans, called a meeting of the other warring factions to negotiate a peace treaty and a more symbiotic relationship between the lot of them. While the majority of the attendants were skeptical about the loss of their autonomy and freedom to take orders from someone who was an enemy to them.

But with the promise of the leader being selected by a majority vote, and the benefits being better than the alternative the leaders agreed to it, and thus the village was formed. A neutral area in the form of a giant crater like mountain was chosen as the source of the location of the village the natural protection it provided from wildlife, and the very nature of the desert was heavensent, as well as the access to an underground river to grant them much needed water made it perfect. The first Kazekage, was a Rinha, not just any though but the very one who petitioned the other clans with the idea of joining forces to strenghten everyone, Ameko Rinha was the first to don the mantle of the Kazekage, and while her reign was prosperous, alot of it was spent quelling infighting and establishing themselves as a world power. Though the Daimyo of the wind country was more than happy to help with the latter step for the hope of being able to compete if not surpass his neighbors.

The reign of her successor, Jishaku of the magnet release bloodline was even more successful, their family had copied the Shukaku's way of controlling sand, and could even pull rare metals from the very dirt itself to either be forged into weapons, or traded to those with the needed resources. Though towards the end of his reign the metals started gettig scarce from over extraction and the prosperity they had seen started to come towards an end.

His son Ibarra however had taken up the mantle after him and decided that the best approach they could take was to strengthen their forces, he focused more on the growth of the future generation and the completion of missions as well as assimilating or exterminating those who did not join up with the initial forming of the village. Allowing them to claim more and more of the desert as they went, which allowed them to find the resources to restore his father's previous attempts at trade though he would tune back the exports in favor of more longevity over surplus. Though he knew that was not enough and started to lay out plans to expand northward out of the desert to more fertile lands.

After setting the plans for the expansion in motion, and making sure the forces were up to snuff, Ibarra stepped down nominating one of his students to take his place, the fourth Kazekage Mugen Konjiki to take the reigns of the village and follow in his footsteps to better the village and the country as a whole.

Kazekage: Mugen Konjiki 0-2

Squad 1: Team Saza
Leader: Saza Horobi (Jounin 0-5)
Member 1: Magenta Misaka 3-4
Member 2: Aku Konjiki 3-3
Member 3:

Squad 2: Team Rinha
Leader: Anna Rinha (Jounin 0-5)
Member 1: Rin 3-1
Member 2: Satoko Rinha 3-4
Member 3: Ayaka Shimamoto 3-3

Squad 3: Team
Member 1:
Member 2:
Member 3:


Lucus Griffonbane (Chuunin 2-2)


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Sunagakure no Sato (The Village Hidden in the Sand)
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