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 Kirigakure no Sato (The Village Hidden in the Mists)

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Kirigakure no Sato

Arguably the most infamous of all the Ninja Villages, Kirigakure no Sato was initially founded out of a fear for the other. A fear of those accursed Kekkei Genkai. In the early days there existed seven middling-sized ninja clans that, by themselves, were unremarkable when compared to other Kekkei Genkai bearing clans of the era like the Yuki. Which, of course, was their problem. Each of these clans had a powerful weapon that had been passed down through generations from clan head to clan head. Hiramekarei, the Twinsword. Kabutowari, the Bluntsword. Kubikiribōchō, the Seversword. Nuibari, the Longsword. Samehada, the Greatsword. Shibuki, the Blastsword. By themselves these artifacts were weapons of great power in the hands of a capable ninja, however; a clan weilding a Kekkei Genkai could easily boost their members’ overall forces. So these seven clans held a summit and asked themselves thusly: “If each of us bears one of these great weapons, why not combine our forces against the Kekkei Genkai scourge which has haunted us for so very long?”

On that fateful day, seven hands shook, seven clans joined, and the group known as the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist would forever go down in infamy. Indeed, having all seven clan heads abdicate the weapon as a symbol of office, and instead grant it to a champion from within each of their clans which the head chose in and of itself had immediate benefits. Mainly that the clan heads no longer had to lead the charge into battle and died far less frequently, however; the true change was the Seven Clan Summit’s use of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen. The black ops group they had created was mighty beyond their wildest dreams and soon they began to capture territory and expand, putting the entire Land of Water under their control. Of course, the Daimyo was still allowed to be the Daimyo and have very nice things, even make policies and laws for the Land of Water. But make no mistake, Kirigakure ran this show and nothing happened without their consent. These seven clans never forgot their fear and hate for the Kekkei Genkai and began rounding them up in the villages their resided in.

At this point, it should be noted that the Seven Clan Summit had further centralized its power and formed the Village Hidden in the Mist which was run by the Mizukage which was one of the seven clan heads that was elected to the position by a vote of the Seven Clan Summit. Pretty soon, requests for the services of their ninja began flooding in like crazy and the current number of ninjas they had just wasn’t enough. During a meeting to decide how to fill this sudden influx of demand, the First Mizukage spoke up and presented his plan: mobilize the Kekkei Genkai users. This idea was initially met with outrage and dissent. How dare the Mizukage suggest they, the Seven Clan Summit, join hands with the monsters that had caused them so much pain and grief? They’d formed the Village Hidden in the Mist to protect themselves from them after all! The First Mizukage waited patiently for everyone at the summit to calm down before further explaining his plan.

Let us backtrack once again to explain how Kirigakure had gone about assimilating different clans. Simply put, a clan was given the option to surrender peacefully. If they agreed, the clan was treated relatively well as a member of the middle caste. If the clan decided to fight back, they were crushed mercilessly and assimilated by force. Those clans which chose to fight were the lowest of the low, and were heavily suppressed by Kirigakure. The First Mizukage leveraged the lower caste’s status and began sending them on the most dangerous suicide missions, further curbing the numbers of the “unruly” Kekkei Genkai users.

This eugenic cleansing concept was expanded upon further by the Second Mizukage who officially opened the Mist’s Ninja Academy to standardize training for future generations and root out weakness with the infamous Blood Mist Final Exam. At the end of a ninja class’s education, each student was paired up with a fellow classmate and forced to fight to the death to graduate. On paper, it was touted that this would purge any weakness from the village and make them stronger. However, in practice it was common for members of the Seven Clans or middle caste clansmen favored by them for their obedience to be allowed to pass without having to undergo the final exam.

This cruel and unfair treatment goes on for a long time, until five years ago a woman named Suzume Yuki snaps. She decides she’s had enough of the humiliation, the torment, the injustice of the Seven Clans, all of it. So, she works in the shadows and gathers supporters among the other clans and eventually stages a massive military coup which goes off rather well for Suzume. Joining forces with her cousin Kumo, the two of them lured all Seven Swordsmen into the Mizukage’s office where Suzume sprung her trap. Having clung to the ceiling, Suzume unleashed her powers over ice and froze all Seven Swordsmen solid and earned her nickname “Ice Queen”. With the Seven Swordsmen taken care of, only the Mizukage was left. As a show of good faith, Suzume took the sword Nuibari from it’s frozen and very dead wielder and gave it to her cousin. Together, they faced down the Mizukage and his forces. As Suzume and the Mizukage dueled it out, Kumo slaughtered anyone who attempted to interfere or got too close to their battle. The battle between Suzume and the Mizukage was legendary, with the young Yuki revolutionary just barely having the upper hand. After all, in their effort the exterminate Kekkei Genkai the Seven Clans never bothered to learn up on the techniques and specific abilities in those clans. As such, Suzume’s abilities were unknown to the Mizukage which gave her a tactical advantage she used to slide by with a win. With the Seven Clans’ power broken, Suzume became the beloved Fourth Mizukage and ushered in a new era for Kirigakure.

The beginning of Suzume’s reign was filled with sweeping reforms. The Final Exams were toned down heavily, made to be more comparable to the Chuunin exams in Konoha. Equal rights were given to all citizens, and any lands or trading rights a clan held due to being favored or subservient to the Seven Clans were seized. Most notable of these seizures were the beaches of the Umi Clan which had been their private property for quite some time. Though they were Kekkei Genkai bearers, the Umi Clan were a carefree and docile folk more concerned with getting sick gnar than anything political. Amused by this clan of idiots, the Seven Clans had the Daimyo grant them the best surfing beaches in the Land of Water to keep them docile and happy. Of course, this strip of ocean was teeming with fish so when Suzume ascended to power she had it seized as a potential food source.

Naturally, the Umi Clan was outraged. The head of the clan at the time marched all the way to Kirigakure and up to Suzume’s office demanding their land back. As you might guess, Suzume’s office got another ice sculpture from then on. This has left the Umi Clan divided. One faction, the old guard, has been whipped up into a frenzy by having to go elsewhere to surf. The other faction, the newer generation, is content with the way things are.

Now in the modern day, things are relatively peaceful. Suzume continues to better the lives of her citizens, and along with her cousin Kumo slowly rebuilding the Seven Swordsmen. Shadows writhe in the periphery, but for now all is well.


Mizukage: Suzume Yuki 0-2
Miketsu Shurajo 1-4

Seven Swordsman:
Kiba: Ryuu

Squad 1: Team Amaya
Leader: Amaya Yuki 1-1
Member 1: Asashi Ashina 4-1
Member 2: Kyoujiro Ashina 4-1
Member 3:Miyuki 4-1

Squad 2:Team Joshua
Leader: Joshua Tamashii 1-5
Member 1: Keiko Kaguya 3-5
Member 2:
Member 3:

Squad 3:
Member 1:
Member 2:
Member 3:

Hyo Yuki 2-4
Ryuutarou Kagami 2-5
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Kirigakure no Sato (The Village Hidden in the Mists)
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