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 Kumogakure no Sato ( The Village Hidden in the Clouds)

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Kumogakure no Sato ( The Village Hidden in the Clouds) Empty
PostSubject: Kumogakure no Sato ( The Village Hidden in the Clouds)   Kumogakure no Sato ( The Village Hidden in the Clouds) Icon_minitimeThu Aug 15, 2019 1:51 am

Kumogakure no Sato

Cloud Village was founded relatively early in the history of the elemental nations at the early stages of the Warring Clans period. Nestled between the foggy peaks of Lightning Country, the Cloud Village has enjoyed relative privacy compared to the other great nations, with a history bereft of invasion outside of that on their own terms. During the reigns of each of its four Raikage, not once had Lightning Country really been invaded.

The First Raikage, a man simply named Shizo, founded the village. At the time, it was a simple monastery that he led, but a settlement grew around it, one day large enough to be a village in its own right. His teachings involved the virtues of lightning--to be fast and strike hard, both in martial and mundane tasks. The monastery is known as the Takanerai-garan (高嶺雷伽藍, Summit Thunder Monastery), and today is where the Raikage tower is. Shizo lived almost to his second century, surviving many of his supposed successors to the Raikage title. That fact is why Kumo has few Raikage in its history despite being one of the earliest-founded villages.

The Second Raikage was a woman named Ayane Goroyama. A student of Summit Thunder, she was known far and wide as a master of taijutsu and elemental manipulation. Her skill on the battlefield was second to none. She was the perfect successor, and also ruled the Cloud Village with a primary objective of peace.

The Third Raikage, Noboru Zenchi, changed Kumo's history. As Lightning Country grew to vastly outsize its neighbors, he decided that his would be a reign of expansion and prosperity. He declared each of the minor countries that surrounded Lightning Country to be part of its lands and one-by-one, annexed them, beginning the Kaminari no Sensou (雷の戦争, Lightning War). During this annexation, the lands became zokkoku (属国, vassal states) of Lightning Country, bound to its whim and ruled by the Raikage and the Lightning Daimyo. With their militaries stripped away from them, the zokkoku became wholly the property of Lightning Country, and while that meant Kumo enjoyed a greater level of prosperity than before, it also meant that catastrophic loss of life and bloodshed turned the country's reputation from pacifist to imperialistic in the space of a decade. Zenchi died before the operation to annex Frost Country was complete.

The fourth Raikage, Shinrai Saihyou, was crowned after Zenchi’s passing. Formerly the country’s foremost spy, his work was essential in conquering the five vassal states. Inheriting the duty to conquer Frost Country, he takes his predecessor’s work seriously.

Culture and Current State
While Hokukyou is the capital of Lightning Country de jure, the cultural and economic center of the country lies in Kumogakure. The site of the long-hailed monastery Takanerai-garan, the village has the greatest population in the country. Like everywhere else, it is under constant surveillance.


4th Raikage: Shinrai Saihyou 0-2
Squad 1: Lion's Roar
Jonin Sensei: Shishi 1-1
Member 1: Aiden Suido 3-3
Member 2: Altaira Mokin-Rui 3-4
Member 3: Nakai Zankoku 3-4

Squad 2:
Jonin Sensei: Fumiko Hoshiko 1-2
Member 1: Tsume Mokin-Rui 4-1
Member 2: Sho Shiroi 4-2
Member 3:

Cee 2-5

Unranked Ninja/Civilians

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Kumogakure no Sato ( The Village Hidden in the Clouds)
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