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A Naruto RP for those into casual, but fast-paced Roleplay in an AU setting.


 Suzume Yuki

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The Shinobi Profile
General Information

Name: Suzume Yuki
Clan: Yuki
Alias/Bingo book name: Ice Queen
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Personality: Suzume is a troubled individual, having grown strong through the hardships of her life have made the girl cold. Ruthless and potentially on the very precipice of losing control entirely. She has an odd charisma about her however, tending to bring in followers despite the violence she metes out on a whim.

A canny young woman, often scheming and always looking towards consolidating her power in any way she can. Be it weeding out the weak or rooting out any sort of traitorous intent. It is well known that she despises traitors, and in general deals with such uprisings rather harshly. At the same time, she has little time for weakness, particularly if this weakness gets in the way of her goals.

Underneath this hard exterior, there might be a hint of good left. Though each day that passes seems to drown this innocence in the blood Suzume spills in her endless hunger for further power.

Loyalty: Kirigakure
Rank: Mizukage
Occupation: Former Hunter-Nin
Village: Kirigakure

Physical Profile


Height: 5'6''
Weight: 120lbs

Combat Profile

General Fighting Style: While Suzume is formidable in close combat, she tends to rely more on her powerful ninjutsu. Specifically, the kekkei genkai that allows her to manipulate and create ice. In this she requires no weapons or other tools as she can perfectly generate them with her abilities. She prefers to break opponents, dismantling whatever resistance they might put up before finally finishing them. Though this is only if the situation allows for it, if there is a more time sensitive sort of objective, she will focus on annihilation of any foes in her path.

Elemental Affinity: Ice (Water/Air Primary Affinity)
Weapons/Ninja Tools: N/A

Past Profile

History: Did da fings, killed the previous Mizukage to take his title.
Roleplay Sample: No! The morality of man is not a simple construct! It has layers and layers of complexity!

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Suzume Yuki
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