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The Shinobi Profile
General Information

Name: Satoko Rinha
Clan: Rinha
Alias/Bingo book name: none
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Personality: Satoko's most striking trait in terms of personality is probably her seemingly limitless stubbornness. The young girl does not seem to back down and has gotten into a lot of fights due to her seemingly utter inability to back down once she sets her mind to something. At least, that's what it looks like to outsiders. To those in the Rinha clan, they know that Satoko will back down when there is a large difference in strength or her friends and allies can be seriously harmed when it comes to physical altercations. When it comes to verbal altercations, one must be patient and point out everything until she runs out of ways for her to counter before she gives up on an argument.

What some outside of Satoko's clan tend to forget is that when she isn't being hostilely stubborn, she can actually be a rather kind person. More then a few of the arguments she has gotten into have been for others and she is more when aware of the well being of her fellow clanmates and the members of her clan. However, she sometimes has a tough time showing this, occasionally causing her to act a bit like a Tsundere.

The person Satoko respects the most and will relent to the most easily is the head of her clan, Anna Rinha. She will not take well to anyone badmouthing Anna and will either report them to Anna herself if she feels they are too strong for her or handle them herself is she thinks she can teach them a lesson.

Loyalty: Rinha first, Sunagakure second
Rank: Genin
Occupation: Ninja
Village: Sunagakure

Physical Profile

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Height: 4'7"
Weight: 89 lbs
Physical Traits:
Satoko is a girl of average height and a petite build, giving her a rather average appearance. She possesses a rather even complexion, being neither very tan or very pale but somewhere nicely in the middle. Her hair is a dark blond color and kept short and straight, reaching just to her shoulders, while her eyes are a nice, warm chocolate brown. Her facial features are rather plain but given her young age, she still has time to develop and possibly become more attractive.

In terms of attire, Satoko likes to wear more tomboyish clothing. She loathes dresses and will never be caught in one short of the head of her clan forcing her, after much arguing. Rather, she prefers wearing a simple, sleeveless black t-shirt, a pair of dark blue pants/jeans, and the standard pair sandals common within the sand.

As an extra feature, the Rinha Clan symbol can be seen in the iris of her left eye, having been placed in there through a jutsu when she was still an infant. It is a bright purple in color.

Combat Profile

General Fighting Style:
Satoko is a puppeteer but not in the traditional sense. Forsaking puppets to try and find her own style of fighting that won't leave her helpless, Satoko is largely a Taijutsu and weapon user who uses chakra strings to manipulate her weapons or objects in her surroundings.

At close range, Satoko will rely on her signature guan-dao as well as traditional punches and kicks. Usually, one hand is kept manipulating her guan-dao through chakra strings, often spinning it at high speeds like a giant saw blade to try and cut her opponents. Her main focus will be in hitting her opponents with the weapon while dodging and counter attacking.

At mid-range Satoko makes use of her Earth Release, firing rocks at her opponents and occasionally attaching chakra strings to them in order to call them back and possibly hit her opponent from behind when they aren't paying attention. Otherwise, her jutsu typically reply on sabotaging and slowing her opponents down.

As a member of the Rinha Clan, despite being in the puppetry branch, Satoko has been trained in the basics of being a Medical Ninja, allowing her to heal her teammates injuries as long as they aren't severe.

Strengths: Due to her focus on close range combat, Satoko's biggest strength is in her Taijutsu
Weaknesses: Satoko isn't the fastest person among her peers, often actually being the slowest.

Elemental Affinity: Earth
Weapons/Ninja Tools: Satoko carries the usual kunai and shuriken expected of a ninja, though she also carries scrolls to store more weapons in, including her signature weapon. She also carries explosive tags, smoke bombs, and some medical supplies, including bandages and some basic salves and antivenoms.

Satoko's not noteworthy item is a collapsible guan-dao fully collapsed, the weapon is equally divided in three sections, much like some bo staves. When combined, the weapons is a tall as Satoko herself, with the blade taking up about a fifth of the length. The blade is made out of steel while the shaft is made of a green tinted metal with several leather wrapping around where Satoko holds it when she is not manipulating it with chakra strings.

Past Profile

Satoko was born into the puppetry branch of the Rinha clan of Sunagakure. Her parents were the serious, no nonsense types who were hard on their daughter and always tried to make her do things the way they saw fit. Many would've expected a child raised in such an environment to come out meek, shy, and unable to stand up for themselves. Satoko did the opposite. Due to her parents attitudes, Satoko learned that to get things to go her way, she needed to stand on her own two feet and fight to gain every inch until things changed. It was this upbringing that resulted in Satoko's signature stubbornness.

When Satoko reached the age of seven and her parents were at their wits end, she was brought before the head of the Rinha Clan, Anna Rinha. The meeting was explosive to say the least, with Anna's demanding of obedience clashing epically with Satoko's refusal to back down on her opinions on anything. The verbal conflict lasted for several hours, by which point Satoko left respecting the head of her clan a lot more then when she had entered.

As the years went on, Satoko led a normal life, learning the secrets of the Rinha's puppetry branch but not really being all that interested in them. While she stubbornly tried to keep up with her lessons in regards to their techniques and kekkei genkai, out of pride if nothing else, eventually she gave up and began looking for a way to use the basics of puppetry in a way that fit her more, as she did not like the idea of hiding behind dolls and being almost defenseless if they were destroyed.

Eventually this led to her focusing more on Taijutsu and the use of weapons, using the basics of puppetry to manipulate them. Knowing this was still a form of puppetry that would allow her to defend herself, she has decided to try and push this form as far as she can, hoping to one day earn the recognition of her clan without the use of her clans kekkei genkai and other traditional techniques.

Side Note:
Roleplay Sample:

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Satoko Rinha
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